It’s a bank holiday weekend! Ride in the morning and watch the Giro d’Italia in the afternoon. Please feel free to bring a change of clothes or pop home for a shower before enjoying the afternoon at HEX. There will be snacks, prosecco, ice cream and all the usuals to enjoy.

Looks like it will be an exciting deciding stage for what has been a riveting Giro.

A / B+ Group: Essex 109km

B Group 1: ESSEX 109km

Ultra scenic reverse Viper loop. If you like the way sunlight dapples the leaves of trees you’ll love this route.



  • Road bikes with gears and clip in pedals are manadatory.
  • Wear a helmet.
  • Treat other members of the group and other road users with respect.
  • Do not shout “CAR” or “HOLE”. This causes confusion within a large group. Use hand signals and maintain a tight 2 up formation at all times instead.

0830 meet for 0900 roll

Please make sure you bring tools, a phone and debit card just in case you need to make roadside repairs, get directions or a train home. We will have inner tubes and energy products available for purchase on the day if required.

HEX Cycling Ltd cannot be held responsible for any personal injury and/or damage to your bike or equipment.